Missing in Action

A week has passed since I posted.  Last week was my week to spend for work in Regina, SK.  It's definitely winter there although what little snow they had when I got there was gone by Monday.  Unfortunately the Canadian prairies got hit with quite a storm starting in Alberta and finally reaching Regina on Friday.  Wouldn't you know it, that was the day I was coming home.

The snow was just starting at 8am when I headed to work and I took this picture from the office window about 9am. 

The snow continued through the day and of course, by the time I was supposed to get on a flight to come home, there were many delays.  My flight was able to land so I was able to leave, but it was 2 hours late.  Thanks to snowy weather in Calgary I managed to catch my flight home despite the delay.  Was good to get home to Vancouver where it was lovely and sunny on Saturday. 

My god daughter and her boyfriend arrive from England today.  I haven't seen her for about 4 years so I'm really looking forward to spending some time together.

I worked on my Christmas cards yesterday and will post a sneek-peek in the next couple of days!  Have you started yours yet?  Don't wait - maybe get your friends together and host a Christmas Card Class.  What a great way to get a start on them.  Contact me to find out how!

Happy Stamping

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