My adventures with Mixed Media

If you've followed my posts over the past couple of years you may remember that I have done some Mixed Media pieces.   I first learned about this at a Stampin' Up! Convention and it was something that I knew I had to try.  When I did I loved it!  I've never taken any classes - just self taught watching videos and looking at websites.  When I saw an opportunity to take a 2 day workshop with Donna Downey, I knew I had to register.

Day 1was mostly prep work - using Joint Compound (like you'd use on walls to cover nail holes) on both sides of a canvas bag, a brush roll and pieces of muslin.  We'll be working on those master pieces in Day 2.  We also worked on a canvas.  The prep work for this was just to cover one side with Gesso.  Then we started with our creations - using back paint to start a back ground with words, stencils, etc.  On top of that we added paint more joint compound and glaze.

Here's the start...
At this stage it doesn't have the final joint compound and glaze.
Just before stretching...
I added the joint compound - splotches plus I used some stencils to create raised images - letters and words.  They are a little easier to see in the final picture.
And the final masterpiece...
Finished and ready to hang.
It was amazing to see everyone's work - all so different but all used the same technique.  I seemed to be the "odd man out" when it came to colour but these colours are more me and I have a place to hang this in my bedroom!

I can't wait to start Day 2.  I'll post pictures tomorrow.

This was so much fun that I want to share.  I'll be planning a class in the near future - stay tuned for details.  If you are interested, email me!

Happy stamping...and creating!

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